Beginning Your Project

Randy will work with you to begin your project. There are many preparatory steps to be accomplished prior to beginning construction. A budget and construction plans are necessary for planning the construction work. Once the budget and planning work is complete, a final contract will be set and the building permits can be obtained.

Budget Process

A project budget is recommended for every project. Randy will discuss your project needs and work with you to balance the project needs with your budget. Budgetary pricing can be investigated prior to the completion of the construction drawings.

Construction Drawings and Plans

The second phase of the process is the construction drawings. Becker Home Improvement provides services to create construction drawings. You may also work with your own architect as well.

Randy will review the drawings to make sure they will meet the needs of the building permit process.

Contract and Building Permits

After the construction drawings have been finalized, a final contract will be created. Randy will work with the city and county government agencies to obtain the necessary building permits.